Not just about finding a match.

Duoflare’s mission is to create and cultivate exciting romantic partnerships.

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  • What is Duoflare?

    Duoflare is an upcoming platform to create and cultivate an exciting romantic partnership. We use a series of compatibility questions to remove the endless swiping as seen on existing dating apps. Once matched, our goal is to then act as a dedicated place to cultivate a relationship. We look to form affiliate partnerships with businesses of all shapes and sizes, who can then offer real-world experiences to our couples. In addition to this, we offer interactive features and a main feed, providing the opportunity for users to find, and engage with, creator content.

  • Why Doesn’t Duoflare Exist Yet?

    Duoflare is looking for funding to get off of the ground, but also, we’re taking our time to engage with prospective users. It’s about finding out what aspects the general public want improved from current dating apps, and ensuring that Duoflare’s offer accommodates those needs sufficiently. Please do subscribe to our newsletter and write us an email, we want to hear from you.

  • What is the Target Audience for Duoflare?

    Duoflare is continuing to listen to our website and social media visitors. At the moment, we are looking to build our service especially for people who struggle with relationships. These can be people who may have some kind of trauma relating to relationships, but also people who lead busy lives and struggle to find the time to dedicate to finding or cultivating a relationship. It’s these people especially that are being side-lined by current dating apps, and that we really want to help.

  • Why Does the World Need Duoflare?

    Duoflare is needed to bring standards back into relationships and dating. The huge problem with current dating apps is that they encourage users to match and message with as many users as possible. The problem with this is that it overwhelms users, and leaves them with a paradox of choice. Profiles are also led by images, many of which are over-exaggerated. With Duoflare, we are about matching users to a limited number of tailored matches through a compatibility quiz. From here, the responses to the compatibility quiz then become prompts to spark an exciting initial dialogue.

  • How can I help Duoflare?

    Duoflare would really appreciate if you can tell your friends and family, and spread the word on social media. Also, if you are a business who believe that they can provide funding or services to help build Duoflare, please reach out as well. If there is a question that we haven’t answered here, drop us a line and we will be sure to add it.